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Update 2016.6.0

Windowed Mode on windows system in settingsmenu you have the option to swicht between fullscreen and windowed mode UI In galleryview the UI disappears if you start a video Multiserver-Environement switch the server to multiserver servers are now faster and stable because of the Serverswitch this Update is mandatory Autoreconnect if you loose connection to […]

Hotfix 2.0.52

Minor Bugfixes Hotspot-Labels now disappear as intendet List in textfields now show Bulletpoints The Hotfix was released on 24.10.2019 it may take 24-48 hours (or less) to pass the iOS / Android appstore. The Windows-Version is already available here on visualactor.com. This update is not mandatory and prior versions will still work. Of course we […]


Settings-Panel We added an Settings-Panel where you can configure the App with following options: Online / Offline switch set your App into Offlinemode wich is usefull for booth and tradeshows. Touch / Mouse switch switch your Windows App from mouse to touch controlls to befit from multitouchgestures Horizontal / Vertical Speed control how fast the […]

Update 2.0.5

Memory Management Optimized the loading process for 3D objects Memorywarnings – before the App runs out of memory, an warning appears Loading Indicators Added Loadingindicators for 3D Objects and Detailobjects Refresh Terminal-Overview Terminal-Overview now has an refresh button, so you don’t need to leave VisualActor anymore, to see new updates Refresh is automatically triggert by […]