• Windowed Mode
    • on windows system in settingsmenu you have the option to swicht between fullscreen and windowed mode
  • UI
    • In galleryview the UI disappears if you start a video
  • Multiserver-Environement
    • switch the server to multiserver
    • servers are now faster and stable
    • because of the Serverswitch this Update is mandatory
  • Autoreconnect
    • if you loose connection to the cloudserver VisualActor reconnects and countinues downloading

The Hotfix was released on 11.11.2019 it may take 24-48 hours (or less) to pass the iOS / Android appstore. The Windows-Version is already available here on visualactor.com. This update is mandatory.

Backend URL has changed
Please use the following link to the backend https://manage.visualactor.com