With VA there is no need to always use the main ghostcar. It´s easy to change your car to any vehicle, client brand item or even your own product.

For example, think about an important meeting with a big car develeoper, lets say “VW”.

Just enter the backend and swap your main centerpiece to any 3D model of your wishes. Anything is possible, from your own product to big houses, even a whole city could be possible.

Any product could be a centerpiece…

In detail, what is it good for???

Lets say you have a trade show, a client meeting and so on. You can now just easily switch from your main VA ghostcar terminal to one of your client made terminal, its an easy task and only a few clicks away. Add client related products to the new centerpiece and you have a full featured client application.

Just add as much customized terminals as you like. Branded car terminals, product only terminals, or terminals focused only to a preselected audience.